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Hand Massage, massage therapy


60 Minute Deep Tissue Therapeutic Relief $105

  • Includes time for combination full body massage or focused relief of tension areas

  • Ideal for mild tension and pain relief

75 Minute Deep Tissue Therapeutic Relief $128

  • For those who need just a few more minutes of focused time on a specific issue

  • Ideal for medium tension and pain relief

90 Minute Deep Tissue Therapeutic Relief $150

  • Alots time for full body massage plus devoted alleviation of key areas that cause pain, stress and tension

  • Injury related issues that include acute, subacute, or chronic related pain

120 Minute Deep Tissue Therapeutic Relief $200

  • Alots more time for full body massage plus devoted alleviation of key areas that cause pain, stress and tension

  • Injury related issues that include acute, subacute or chronic related pain

Hot Stone Massage
90 minutes $160 Incorporated with heat of stones warmed to relax muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired.The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.  

Loyalty Wellness Packages:

Purchase a 4 Massage Session Pack and Save

60 Minute Loyalty Wellness Package ~$385 (savings of $35)

75 Minute Loyalty Wellness Package ~$472 (savings of $40)

90 Minute Loyalty Wellness Package

~$550   (savings of $50)

Missoula Massage

We Now Offer:

Motor Vehicle Accident Treatments (MVA)

 Motor Vehicle Accident Treatments must be prearranged by you and the insurance provider involved in your accident claim. The insurance claim must ALSO be initiated through a doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor, and approved by your insurance company before any treatment can begin.


 Comprehensive assessments must be completed prior to proceeding with actual treatments.If you are in need of an MVA treatment we would be happy to help walk you through our MVA procedure (below).

MVA Procedure at Deep Tissue Massage Group:

  • Feel free to book your initial MVA visit by phone, e-mail, or through our online booking site (preferred method).

  • Once your MVA treatment is booked, we will contact you to retrieve important information regarding your claim.

  • Please have your insurance adjustor’s contact information readily available. We will contact your adjustor to confirm the specific stipulations of your claim. Once all elements of the of the accident claim are identified, a formal treatment plan will be established.

  • If possible, once set up with your insurance company, each individual treatment claim will be directly billed to your insurance adjustor.

  • We will remain in contact with your insurance adjustor until your treatment plan is complete.

If you have any questions regarding Motor Vehicle Accident Treatments (MVA) offered at Deep Tissue Massage Group, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic administration by email: at




Getting a massage regularly can do even more. This is the appeal of theraputic massage. Regularly scheduled self-care massage can play a large part in how healthy you will be and how pain-free you will continue with each passing year. Budgeting time and money for regular massage at consistent periods is a true investment in your wellness and overall health. Making massage appointments is an imperative part of your wellness plan.


Regular massage can actually reduce or eliminate what may seem to be exercise-induced pain. Unfortunately, many people believe aches and pains are an inevitable consequence to activity and don't know that massage can aid in pain management. Massage can increase speed muscle recovery rates as it eliminates irritation from waste, as well as trengthen endurance, control fatigue and overall help people feel better when used as part of a regular health program. By helping reduce fatigue and aid recovery, massage enables more productive training, with longer, more effective workouts. The ultimate occurance with regular massages are better performance with fewer injuries. Exercise changes the way our muscles work, and thus blood vessels become more intricate as the body demands more oxygen and nutrients. Massage increases waste elimination as well as helps in the recovery process- while aiding in pain relief and fatigue of muscles as recovery occurs.



Healthy Savings Accounts-(HSA) are now able to aid in paying for massage therapy.  We provide invoices for those eligible.






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