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Missoula massage therapy

About Us


Our strong team of massage therapists provide deep tissue techniques at an affordable rate, making regular massage the key to living well.  

We solve pain management and wellness maintenance through deep tissue massage techniques on a regularly scheduled and revised plan.  We provide the solution of making regular massage affordable with competitive rates and packages. 

Missoula massage therapy
Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Group is a therapeutic massage and structural bodywork center in Missoula dedicated to high client satisfaction. Our massage therapists plan and maintain a pain management schedule unique to each individual's needs at an affordable price. Continuous in house training seminars ensure a high level of proficiency in our licensed massage therapists.


Massage is becoming more necessary in our every day lives. We find that hard working people are choosing to use alternative health care to be a part of the general maintenance of living well and to maintain an elevated quality of life. Regular deep tissue massage and structural bodywork has been effective in reduced healing time for injuries, plays a key role in pain management, aids in sports related body maintenance, and prevents and relieves

Missoula massage therapists, sport massage


Our team of licensed massage therapists takes a unique approach to your healthcare. Our practitioners operate in a group environment. This develops a positive team where we are not obligated to interfere, but can discuss difficult cases and utilize each other strengths when they are needed! We integrate within our community of Missoula by being involved with community events, aiding in treatment plans with local health practitioners, volunteering at sports related causes, and working with local businesses to keep their staff happy and healthy for sustainable and improved accuracy and reduced stress-induced illnesses. 


We are seeing more and more clients with injury recovery and pain management, especially during marathon training and trail running races.  More people recognize the need for regular massage in their daily lives because the results are prevalent--less headaches, less recovery time, less chronic back and neck pain. We see the same clients once a week, sometimes twice a week...some every other week. The outcome, tracked with charting and communication, have been great for client and for massage therapist.




We offer Motor Vehicle Accident Treatments (MVA) and Workman's Comp Treatments

 Motor Vehicle Accident Treatments must be prearranged by you and the insurance provider

involved in your accident claim. The insurance claim must ALSO be initiated through a doctor,

physiotherapist or chiropractor, and approved by your insurance company before any treatment

can begin. Please contact us to set up a treatment plan.




Charity T.

Missoula, MT

"I've been seeing Camarin for a few years now and appreciate the work she is able to accomplish for me.  I suffer from chronic low back pain/SI joint pain and, over time, she has helped me function with much less pain.  She always adjusts her pressure on my needs and asks how my body is feeling before she even starts work.  I appreciate the deep tissue work that Camarin does for me, but even more so, how she is able to tailor the depth of the work to what I need.  She checks in with me which ensures I am able to get the relief I need without the added discomfort.  Communication is key and Camarin is great at it.  I highly recommend her and her therapists to anyone looking to have specific issues addressed, or just to relax.  You won't regret it!"


Courtney N.

Missoula, MT

"I first started seeing Camarin for massage about 3 years ago, and her professional care has had profoundly positive impacts on my health.  I have rheumatoid arthritis as well as a mild compression fracture in my back, and was beginning to believe that chronic pain was my new normal state.  

Camarin's work is so stellar that after becoming a regular client I was able to stop taking muscle relaxers and pain meds, and start focusing more on being a mom and wife.  I recently moved, and even though she is almost an hour away I still drive in to see her twice a month.  Highly recommend her and her new business."

Cheryl P.

Missoula, MT

"Camarin's passion and knowledge of Deep Tissue Massage is phenomenal.  Prior to beginning a session, she discusses any problem areas you may be experiencing.  As a practitioner she tunes into what is going on with your body, and assesses comfort and pain levels throughout the treatment. Regular Deep Tissue Massage has helped keep me active, relaxed and energized by relieving chronic tension, releasing exercise tightened muscles and helps me sleep better.  Camarin has helped me come to believe that massage is an important part of a healthy lifestyle." Cheryl P.

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